Episode 36: US Open 2018

June 15, 2018

The U.S. Open is upon us so the Chillidippers are upon you with their thoughts on the course, who will win and what the most underrated kitchen appliance is. enjoy


Episode 35: Jubilee

June 6, 2018

If you've ever wondered what Jubille GC is like or who wins the fight between 45 chickens vs 2 foxes....then this is the podcast for you!


Episode 34: Barwon Heads

May 30, 2018

Barwon Heads, PB's, Bitcoin, Emoji's, Stalkers and Imaginary Horses. Just what you'd expect from a golfing podcast. Enjoy.


Episode 33: Sandringham

May 24, 2018

A day late but we got there..... we discuss golf, movies and do a whole lot of swearing in our Top Fore Samual L Jackson quotes... we appologies in advance motherf*ckers.


Episode 32: Thurgoona

May 16, 2018

Things that happen on this weeks show.....Thurgoona Golf Club goes under review, Rolls gets caught urinating in public, we compare Rolls’ new Scotty Cameron to Clarky’s authentic one, Tope Fore covers songs and people get hit on the head by dead fish in a new segment called ‘Weirdo of the Week’.... enjoy.


Episode 31: Peterborough

May 9, 2018

On todays show we discuss the last day of the Swingers Punt Club trip where the boys stumble upon a hidden gem... The 'Great' Peterborough (or Petersburg or Petersbough or something) Golf Club, Rolls is almost murdered and we talk big dollars!!


Episode 30: Port Fairy - Swingers Punt Club Trip Day 2

May 2, 2018

Swingers Annual Punt Club trip is in the books... The great Port Fairy Golf Course is under review, Popes walks away with the Green Jacket, Tim Jim overcomes his fear of flags, Rolls murders an innocent puppy (and for some unknown reason goes full chipmunk at the 18.30 minute mark) and believe it or not, we talk that much golf there wasn’t even any time for a single segment! wow-wee.


Episode 29: Warrnambool - Swingers Punt Club Trip Day 1

April 25, 2018

Its the Annual 'Swingers' Punt Club trip..... this year Warrnambool was the chosen destination. On this pod the boys are joined by two other members, Ian 'Popes' Pople and Ben 'Benny' Camplin to chat about the Warrnambool Golf Course, Rolls' perfect woman, great beards, flag allegies all the things that went down on day one of the trip.


Episode 28: Federal GC plus MASTERS WRAP-UP

April 18, 2018

On this Pod, the Chilli Dippers do a very brief wrap-up of the 2018 Masters and reveal the winner of their "Masters Draft".  Disco plays one of Canberra's premier golf venues, Federal and gives his opinions.  Speaking of opinions, we also discuss Hymn's, Dickshots's, Kuntz and eye covering movie scenes in not one, but two episodes of Top Foooore.



April 11, 2018

Its a special tournament so we think it deserves special treatment.  On Part two of our 3 Part Masters Special we discuss all the happenings of Day 1 and also throw in a few Listener Questions for good measure and good time.